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Updated: 01/18/07

Nancy Tips Voice Actors

The Garden Pavilion at Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood played host to Nancy Cartwright and a panel of experts delivering career advice for voice-over actors.

Nancy, with her decades of knowledge and experience as a voice actor, was flanked by actress/MC Denise Duff and career consultant Joyce Wallace.

Held on Wednesday Evening, January 10th, Nancy delivered insights on demo tapes, audition techniques, communication with agents, building a body of work and how to really seize the moment and make the most of your opportunities.

This well-rounded event not only gave the actors useful industry advice but also introduced them to communication and administration tools to overcome nerves, shyness, procrastination and other barriers to “making it.”

The event was attended by well over 50 aspiring artists and culminated with attendee volunteers delivering their unique voices at the mike while being directed by Nancy. Nancy intends to continue these seminars and do them more often in the coming months.


Voice Of Bart Simpson Graduates
From The L.A. Racing Experience Driving School

LOS ANGELES – As most people spent Sunday watching the NFL Playoffs, Nancy Cartwright, Emmy winning voice of Bart Simpson, spent the day with NASCAR development driver and founder of Freedom Motorsports Group Inc., Kenton Gray, at Southern California’s premier driving school, L.A. Racing Experience at Irwindale Speedway. Gray, who plans on running in the ARCA Re/Max Series this season, mentored and instructed avid NASCAR fan, Cartwright, for 8 hours between class and track time. “I knew racecar drivers were good, but had no idea until Sunday the physical and mental conditioning one must endure to competitively compete each weekend” said Cartwright. “Kenton’s driving experience and instruction in class and on the track was instrumental to my success” continued Cartwright.

Gray, a racer since the age of 10, played a significant role Sunday by spending time prior to the school with Cartwright educating her on all the racing terminology so come Sunday, Cartwright was ready to strap in and go racing. “This was one of my career highlights to have had the opportunity to play a role in Nancy’s driving development” said Gray. “Now I only hope she continues to have record-setting success as the voice of Bart Simpson and as executive producer of The Kellys (animated series TeamKellyRacing.com), otherwise I may have more competition come race day,” continued Gray.

Cartwright was not the only student Sunday at L.A. Racing Experience, 17 other racing and driving enthusiasts also participated for part of the day and were pleasantly surprised they had the opportunity to drive with a top Hollywood celebrity. “Our driving school is unique to most others in the country” said Jim Cohen, owner of L.A. Racing Experience. “We’re just minutes from Hollywood, so it’s an easy drive for celebrities and race fans alike to come out and feel the speed of a high-banked oval in real racecar.

Cartwright’s animated production company, SportsBlast, which produces The Kellys (an animated series developed with Turner Sports New Media) and Gray’s Freedom Motorsports Group Inc., recently announced a creative and unique marketing alliance. The alliance offers sponsors and advertisers a first of it’s kind marketing channel that includes a ARCA RE/MAX Series and NASCAR Busch Series competition package, branded contents and product integration in a racing animated series, as well as, a reality-based television series scheduled to air in 2007. “Having Nancy successfully complete the driving school at L.A. Racing Experience really gave her the opportunity to experience what Kenton will face each weekend,” said Jason Potter, president of Dynamic Motorsports Consulting, who represents Kenton Gray, Freedom Motorsports Group and The Kellys and their motorsports interest.

About L.A. Racing Experience

Located at Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, California, L.A. Racing Experience is Southern California’s premier driving school and offers all levels of race training, from beginner to advance, kids to adults. For more information on LARX, please call 877-901-RACE or visit them on the Internet at www.laracingx.com.


Stink Email

"Your reading of the two Stink books by Megan McDonald is AWESOME!!! Both of my boys (ages 5 and 7) will listen to the story over and over and over. We listened to it 3 times in a row the other day, and my 5 year old got mad when I started vacuuming and he couldn't hear it!

They are the best books on CD we've ever heard. Thanks so much for sharing your great voice on a great story. We hope you'll do more stories in the future!"

Jackie Gambill (Brice and Troy too!)


Emmy Winning Voice of Bart Simpson
and Nascar Development Driver Join Forces

LOS ANGELES, CA – December 7, 2006 – SportsBlast, a producer of innovative online entertainment founded by Nancy “voice-of-Bart-Simpson” Cartwright, and NASCAR development driver Kenton Gray announced today a strategic marketing alliance set to launch immediately. This cross-promotional alliance, the first of its kind, brings together a campaign package featuring traditional on-track promotions and mainstream marketing as well as dynamic on-line placements in the racing show, The Kellys. This exposure greatly exceeds the penetration and measurability of other sponsorship programs.                  [Read more]


We Just Can’t Seem to Quit Her

Our beloved intern Courtney Kowitz is back for her third run with the Cartwright Entertainment team. She first joined the staff back in 2000 at the tender age of 16. Five years after her first run, fond memories of candle-lit lunches and office PAs drew her back.

Now she is one of our wonderful assistants, our dear friend, and gift basket design artist. She is actively pursuing a career in voice acting, trapeze wizardry and cellophane sculpting.



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Honoring the Honorary Mayor
Funded! PALS Youth Center Gets $1 Million

A surprise awaited Honorary Mayor of the North Valley Nancy Cartwright as she went to City Hall to be recognized by the Los Angeles City Council last week for leading the cause in 2006 of building a new youth center in the North Valley: Thanks to Councilman Greig Smith’s behind-the-scenes efforts to secure a redevelopment grant of $1 million—more than doubling the amount of money volunteers had already raised—Phase I of the fundraising project is nearing completion.

Cartwright, flanked by about a dozen fellow members of the board of directors of the Devonshire Police Activities League Supporters (PALS), had been asked to come downtown to receive a plaque and thanks from the City of Los Angeles for raising and donating more than $200,000 toward the cost of construction of the facility which is to be built on land sold to PALS for $1 by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The lot is located at Parthenia Street, between Tampa Avenue and Reseda Boulevard.

Now, with nearly all of the $2 million needed to build the facility in place, Cartwright expects PALS will break ground on its new youth center—a building which will be several times larger than the less than 1,000 square-feet space now in use—early this year. Once built, she says the North Valley PALS Youth Center will make a big difference in local kids’ lives—especially those at particular risk for gang involvement.

“This is amazing,” Cartwright said. “There’s isn’t anything like it in our area. Now, there’s a waiting list to get into the programs of the little center, programs that help kids stay out of trouble: tutoring, sports, and the reading program.”
For his part, Councilman Greig Smith says he’s just as surprised by the approval of the million-dollar grant, which he had quietly applied for on behalf of PALS.

“It was a bit of a shock,” Smith said. “We submitted three or four months ago, not thinking we had a chance, because we’ve scored two big wins in the last two years with grants. And, we got a lot of Prop. K money last year.”

Smith says he and his staff had heard rumors that there might be some good news from the agency that decides such grant applications, but confirmation didn’t come until minutes before the announcement was made simultaneously with Nancy Cartwright’s award.

“We were really there to just honor Nancy—not just as an honorary mayor who cuts ribbons and acts as an ambassador for the community, but as [Councilman] Bill Rosendahl said, for taking her celebrity to a level of social commentary and service. It’s what she does in real life that’s amazing.”

It turned out that the bigger award came for PALS.
“They had us waiting until a lot of other people were honored in the chamber,” Cartwright said. “I didn’t mind waiting or being the last one to be called up to the podium, because I loved watching and seeing how many individuals across this city work to make a difference—how ever small—in people’s lives.”

Afterward, Cartwright understood why her award was given last; it was the only one with a million dollars tacked on.
“It was a wonderful surprise,” said Mary Ann Conron, PALS board member and public relations chair. “Councilman Smith and his staff have worked so hard, and we are so fortunate to have Nancy on our board of directors. She’s a gracious lady.”

Conron, who has been volunteering with PALS for 16 years, says the Youth Center is both for poor children and those of affluence.

“There are a lot of latch-key kids in our neighborhoods in the North Valley,” she said. “Both parents work, and all it takes for a good child from a good family to go down the wrong path is to get into the wrong crowd.”

She says the Youth Center will make “wrong crowds” less prevalent across the region by giving kids an alternative to gang activity and other antisocial behavior.

Another board member, and chairwoman of the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, Victoria Bourdas, is elated by last week’s events.

“I’m so excited; I’m beside myself,” said Bourdas, who was in India during the announcement and only learned of the grant during North Valley Community News’ interview with her. “I flew in on Friday and I’m blown away by this information. We will have so many more resources by having a new youth center. The sheer size of the [planned] center will help us have a computer center and sports activities for underprivileged children.”

Every couple of years, the chamber “appoints” an honorary mayor, in hopes that the individual will be an effective part of the its and other groups’ efforts to better the quality of life in the North Valley, an area that includes Northridge, Chatsworth, Granada Hills, North Hills and Porter Ranch.

Commenting on Cartwright’s recognition by the city council, North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce president Wayne Adelstein said:
“I’m so proud of Nancy. When she approached me and told me she wanted to get involved in a community cause, I sensed an interest when I suggested PALS, but I didn’t think for a moment that she would become so involved and such a driving force. Her generosity and concern for others, especially children, makes her a true community treasure.”
Last year, Cartwright underwrote a casino night, which raised more than $100,000 for PALS. Upon learning of the redevelopment grant, she announced that her company, Cartwright Entertainment would again host a night of gambling for charity.

“It’ll be in September,” she said. “And, we learned a lot from last time. This time, we’ll have a five-hundred-dollar buy-in instead of a thousand dollars.”

Now, with Phase II of the PALS campaign on the horizon, Cartwright says she’s looking to raise money, awareness and volunteers to help run the new center with world-class programs.

“It’s not enough to complain about your community,” she says. “You’ve got to get in there and contribute by doing something too. We have a core group of people who always do everything; we could sure use some help.”

If you are interested in helping PALS in its quest to save North Valley youth from the perils and temptations of crime, gang activity and antisocial behavior, visit www.devonshire-pals.org.




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