With more than two decades of entertainment industry experience to draw on, Nancy brings her Emmy-Award-winning skills to producing.

Nancy produces under two banners: Cartwright Entertainment, Inc. and SportsBlast, LLC. Cartwright Entertainment produces a wide range of creative projects that support Nancy's ever- expanding career interests. These include audio books, animation projects, documentary works, stage plays, lectures, presentations and innovative, high-quality content that supports and expands her career goals.

SportsBlast produces original animated content for the sports world. In 2001, the company tapped some of the most prolific talent in the industry to give voice to an online series, The Kellys, which was co-produced with Turner Sports Interactive for www.nascar.com.

In 2005, SportsBlast launched The Kellys again on www.nascar.com to a larger fan base and plenty of buzz in the NASCAR world. To check out the newer episodes, go to www.teamkellyracing.com.

In 2006, one of the Kellys-clan took her show on the road, predicting the winners of stock-car races with uncanny accuracy. Brenda Kelly, voiced by VO pro Kath Soucie, gained quick popularity and paved the way for Haley Johnson, also voiced by Kath.

Haley prognosticates just as Brenda did, but her knowledge of sports isn’t limited to the NASCAR world. A multi-sport enthusiast, Haley tunes into the “other-realm” for witty quips and often eerily accurate sports predictions.

To have a look at Haley’s first season, check out www.sportsblast.com and stay tuned. Another season is on the way.

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