Over the years Nancy has voiced hundreds of animated characters, notably that of Bart Simpson since 1987. She has also acted in feature films, theatrical productions and several popular television shows. Here is a partial list of her many acting credits.

2006-200? Betsy’s Kindergarten Adventures Billy TV
2006-200? The Replacements Todd TV
2006 Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker All voices Book on Tape
2005 Stink the Incredible Shrinking Kid All voices Book on Tape
Rugrats All
Grown Up
Chuckie TV
The Kellys Chip www.sportsblast.com
2001 Timberwolf Earl The Squirrel www.warnerbrosonline.com
Rugrats Chuckie TV/Film
Kim Possible Rufus TV
2000 God, the Devil & Bob Megan Allman TV
2000 CyberWorld Bart Simpson, archive footage Imax Film
1999 Mike, Lu & Og Lu TV
1999 Futurerama

Episode: “A Big Piece of Garbage”

Bart Simpson Doll TV
1999 51st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Bart Simpson TV
1999 Bart Wars, The Simpsons Strike Back Bart Simpson Video
1999 Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot Additional Voices TV
1999 Wakko’s Wish Mindy Video
1998 Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain Rudy Mookich TV
1998 Oh Yeah, A Dog & His Dog Additional Voices TV
1998 Toonsylvania Melissa Screetch TV
1998 Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock Dana Video
1998 Disney’s Hercules Mini Film
1998 Pyscho Ferret Additional Voices TV
1997 Rugrats Guest Star TV
1997 Moondogs Additional Voices TV
1997 Simpsons: Virtual SpringField Bart Simpson/Nelson Multz/Ralph Wiggim/Rod Flanders/Todd Flanders VG
1997 Land Before Time Dana, the dinosaur Video
1996 Goosebumps Additional Voices Book on Tape
1996 Sherman & Peabody Sherman TV Pilot
1996 Casper Additional Voices TV
1995 Iodine and Anemia Iodine TV
1995 What a Mess The dog TV
1995 The Twisted Adventures of Felix the Cat Additional Voices Cable
1995 Timon and Pumbaa Additional Voices TV
1994 The Critic Margo Sherman TV
1994 The Critic Bart Simpson TV
1993 Disney’s Aladdin Sprites Film
1993 The Pink Panther Additional Voices TV
1993 Problem Child Betsy/Ross TV
1993 2 Stupid Dogs Little Red Riding Hood TV
1993 Animaniacs Mindy/Additional Voices TV
1993 Bonkers Fawn Deer TV
1992 Yum Yum Cartoon Special Additional Voices TV
1992 Spike & Tyke Additional Voices TV
1992 Raw Toonage Additional Voices TV
1992 Goof Troop Christmas Pistol Pete TV
1992 Disney’s Goof Troop Pistol Pete TV
1991 The Simpsons Bart Simpson VG
1991 Rugrats The Junk Food Kid TV
1990 Bobby’s World Additional Voices TV
1989 Ugly Duckling Additional Voices TV
1989 Dink, the Little Dinosaur Additional Voices TV
1989 The Simpsons Bart Simpson, Jo-Jo Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Todd Flanders, Ralph Wiggum, Kearney, Additional Voices TV
1989 Disneys The Little Mermaid Additional Voices Film
1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Additional Voices Film
1988 Fantastic Max FX TV
1987 Chipmunk Adventure Arabian Prince Film
1987 The Tracey Ullman Show Bart Simpson TV
1986 Galaxy High School Gilda Gossip/Flat Freddy Fender TV
1986 Glo-Friends Scoop TV
1986 Popeye and Son Woody TV
1986 Pound Puppies Brighteyes TV
1986 My Little Pony: The Movie Gusty/Bushwoolie Film
1986 My Little Pony & Friends Gusty TV
1984 The Snorks Daffney TV
1984 National Lampoon’s The Joy of Sex Additional Voices TV
1984 Space Ace Kimberly TV
1984 The Snorks Daffney TV
1983 Monchichis Additional Voices TV
1983 Shirt Tales Kip the Kangaroo TV
1981 Richie Rich Gloria TV


1998 Godzilla Caiman’s Secretary Roland Emmerich
1983 Twilight Zone, The Movie Ethel Joe Dante
1985 Flesh and Blood Kathleen
aka Rose & the Sword
Paul Verhoeven


2000 Simpsons: America’s First Family Herself TV Special
1996 Vows of Deception
aka Deadly Seduction, A Tangled Web
Terry CBS Movie of the Week
1996 Suddenly Supporting Role ABC Movie of the Week
1988 Yellow Pages
aka Going Undercover
Stephanie Cable
1988 On Hollywood Blvd. Lisa Mimms Stan Daniels, Director
1993 Precious Victims Terry CBS Movie of the Week
1982 Marian Rose White Marian Rose White CBS Movie of the Week
1985 Not My Kid Jean CBS Movie of the Week
1983 Deadly Lessons Libby Dean ABC Movie of the Week
1982 Rules of Marriage Supporting Role CBS Movie of the Week


1999 Happy Hour Herself 4/17/99
1998 Blue Peter Herself BBC
1996 TFI Friday Herself #132
1995 Baywatch Nights Frances O’Reilly “976 Ways to Say I Love You,” #1.6
1990 Fresh Prince of Bel Air Ruby Jillette “Save the Last Trance for Me,” #5.21
1988 Empty Nest Ann “Tears of a Clown”
1982 Cheers Cynthia “Diane’s Nightmare”
1982 Fame Muffin “Secrets”
1982 Tucker’s Witch Holly “Terminal Case”


1998 Cat’s Meow Louella Parsons Coast Playhouse
1995 In Search of Fellini One-Woman Show Theatre Geo
1984 Guys and Dolls Adelaide Showboat Dinner Theatre
1985 Coming Attractions 10 Characters Skylight Theatre
1980 The Transgressor Karen Gene Dynarski Theatre


1998 The Simpsons Yellow Album Voice of Bart Simpson
1997 Songs in the Key of Springfield Voice of Bart Simpson
1990 Wierd Al Yankovic’s “Bad Hair Day” Voice of Bart Simpson in “Phony Calls”
1990 Simpsons Sing the Blues Voice of Bart Simpson


2000 Biography: “My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy” Hyperion
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